Unforgetable Trip to Kabupaten Bone, Sulawesi Selatan

Kamis, 19 Februari, lalu saya dan beberapa teman sekelas pergi melakukan observasi ke Kabupaten Bone, Sulawesi Selatan. Perjalanan ke Bone dalam rangka mengecek lokasi dan kondisi atraksi wisata di Kab.Bone yang dapat dijadikan Ekowisata atau Ecotourism untuk membantu penyelesaian tugas kuliah mengenai paket tour ekowisata di beberapa kabupaten di Sulawesi Selatan (hehee.. meskipun belum disuruh pergi cek lokasi sama dosen mata kuliahnya 😛 LOL ).  Continue reading


15 Japanese Laws People Don’t Know Are Laws

Every country or district has their share of obscure crimes tucked deep in dusty long-forgotten law books. Archaic prohibitions on tying your horse to a dog or refusing to salute your teachers can be found everywhere. The following 15 laws however, are not outdated and many of us have probably done them at some point in our lives without realizing that in some cases it could land us in a Japanese prison.

The following crimes are ranked so that number one is the least known to be an actual crime under Japanese law. We can probably agree that many of these qualify as obnoxious behavior but you’d be surprised at what you can legitimately call the cops for. Continue reading